Monday, May 14, 2007

live stuff: kris drever et al at the social, 13/5/07

This night at the Social near Oxford Circus, billed as "City Folk", turns out to be neither in the City nor as it happens that much to do with folk music but all four of these singer/guitarists are interesting musicians in their own ways. Really only Orkney Islander Kris Drever panders to the folkies amongst us. He's in the running for a Radio 2 Folk Award and has had some recent exposure on Andy Kershaw's programme. You can see why. He's got some great songs and is a fantastic guitarist. Ned Collette, recent support for Joanna Newsom and Camera Obscura, is nice and tuneful (I like tunes) and paints some interesting harmonic colours with deft use of a loop pedal. Madam--aka Sukie Smith--reminds me a bit of the Howling Bells on one track, no bad thing. Her myspace page claims that this is death metal. Hmmm. Brummie Ben Calvert sings some OK indie songs with an acoustic guitar.

They're all webbed and myspaced up:
Kris Drever: greatweb, spacefantastic
Ned Collette: webtunes, spaceloop
Madam: deathweb, metalspace
Ben Calvert: webstrum, indiespace

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