Saturday, May 26, 2007

live stuff: d'aqui dub at balthazar, marseille 20/5/07

An interesting mix of the traditional and the modern. In the "traditional" corner: lyrics in the local Occitan language (see also other Marseillais musicians like Moussu T et lei Jouvents and Massilia Sound System), "folk" instruments like the mandolin, darbucka and a reed flute (the "bilimbau" according to the pre-gig publicity). On the "modern" side: clarinet, bass guitar, drum kit and scratches. Arnaud Fromont is a charismatic lead singer who calls to mind Lo'Jo's Denis Pean and at times verges on Tom Waits territory. Seems to me that there's a strong North African element to the music. "(D'aqui dub) transport their listeners into an Occitan-electro-digitalacoustic trance", according to local what's on newspaper Marseille Hebdo. See what you think: there's some of their stuff on myspace and, amazingly, some photos of the gig, along with some (brief) video footage!
- The d'aqui dub web site
- The Balthazar web site
- Wikipedia on Moussu T et lei Jovents / Massilia Sound System
- Andy Kershaw on the music of Marseille

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