Thursday, May 10, 2007

computer love

For me, the advent of the music download has finally made buying singles much more worthwhile. On vinyl you always got a B-side which was usually as weak as the A-side was brilliant, and on CD you got even more unwanted tracks and sometimes three or four different mixes of the same song. I don't think anything can make you fed up with a song as quickly as listening to it in four successively more bizarre versions.

Hooray then for the download: a single song, no remixes, no feeble B-side filler. And you can play a stack of your fave songs one after the other without getting out of your seat...

No surprise that I feel the need to share my top 5 download singles of 2007 so far:
1. Klaxons: Golden Skans
2. Laura Veirs: Don't Lose Yourself
3. Soulsavers (feat. Mark Lanegan): Revival
4. Charlotte Hatherley: Behave
5. Cherry Ghost: Mathematics.
(NB: must be played in this order. I say NO to the random play i-Pod.)

Yes, they're all available on myspace or youtube, but at only 79p a shot at, why not shell out and hang the expense...

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