Sunday, April 29, 2007

live stuff: royal marsden cancer fundraiser at the bull's head, 29/4/07

It's dark in here and the sun is shining outside, but it's an OK way to spend a Sunday afternoon. This is an all-dayer at the excellent Bull's Head featuring (among other acts I didn't catch) bands led by saxophonist Jake Fryer, trumpeter/flugelhornist Paul Eshelby and guitarist Jim Mullen. It's interesting to watch the nods, smiles and other body language exchanged between jazz musicians who have never even met each other before, much less played together and in the six or seven standards they play Mullen and pianist Phil Phillips, a giant of a man (looks like an ex-boxer), develop a pleasing understanding. And there's a great "You've changed" by Eshelby's trombonist Gordon Campbell. You get a decent pint here too...

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