Friday, October 27, 2006

sweet catatonia

I've been listening again recently to some of my albums from the nineties: the first two Garbage albums and Way Beyond Blue and International Velvet by Catatonia. ("Not," according to Wikipedia "to be confused with Katatonia, a Swedish metal band". Er yes. Thanks for that.) There's some good stuff on these records. Garbage fizzled out after their first album really, although I really like "You look so fine" on Version 2. Such a great arrangement. Catatonia had some excellent songs too, were much more than another Britpop band. On the look-out for Welsh music up in the hen wlad fy nhadau last weekend, I spotted the new Cerys Matthews album and decided to take a punt on it, having heard the single a couple of times. Really good. Again, some great songs, more acoustic than the old Catatonia stuff but thankfully supposedly not as "countrified" as her first solo album, Cockahoop. Best tracks: "Seed song" and "The Endless Rain".

Some more Cerys stuff from a cursory google:
- an interview from the BBC Wales site
- her myspace page
- official cm site
- the Guardian low-down

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