Wednesday, November 08, 2006

live stuff: cathal coughlan at bush hall, 7/11/06

Although my collection of Cathal Coughlan's back catalogue (mostly on vinyl) doesn't get aired that often, I still feel quite loyal to him. Though I never got to see Microdisney, the Fatima Mansion gigs I remember in the early 90s always came up with the goods. It's apparently four years since CC last unleashed himself on the London public in his "solo artist" guise. Tonight's event heralds the new Foburg album, which is given a thorough airing at the end of tonight's show when the man himself finally gets up from his grand piano to stalk menacingly only a couple of feet away from the front row of the audience.

They know what to expect though, we all do: the usual mix of lyrical, often plaintive melodies and hysterical bog-eyed screams threatening life and limb. With his new songs, as ever, he has much to say. Many, unnerving, stories to tell. As ever, wanton immorality is rife: the excellent "Rat Poison Rendezvous" allows him to camp it up in fine style. Listen to it in myspaceland.

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