Monday, September 25, 2006

live stuff: mogwai at the royal albert hall, 22/9/06

Mogwai are men who play guitars. They play them standing up. Sometimes they play them sitting down. They play them VERY LOUD, they play them very quietly, then they play them... VERY LOUD AGAIN. Sometimes, when you're not expecting it, it can take you by surprise. One of Mogwai sometimes plays the keyboards, sometimes sings, and was there a violin at one stage or did I imagine that? The music's OK but for me the repeated instrumental lines are a bit ponderous and predictable, have none of the rich harmonies and unexpected turns you get, say, with the Cocteau Twins or Teenage Fanclub. You could argue that the light show tonight is much more spectacular than the music. I'm probably missing the point. I'll listen to the CDs and let you know...

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