Tuesday, September 19, 2006

mercury rev

Frustrated by a lack of decent album purchases in recent weeks, and having read some favourable reviews following its Mercury Music Prize nomination, I decided to give the Guillemots' "Through the Window Pane" a go. I thought they were a bit gimmicky when I saw them live a few months ago, but I like their big tunes and overblown arrangements. I heard Mark Radcliffe comparing Fyfe Dangerfield's voice to Billy Mackenzie's the other week, but for me there's more than a hint of Roddy Frame there, particularly in "Trains to Brazil" the (excellent) current single. (Listen to it here.)

Other CD fave at the moment is the Arctic Monkeys' album, getting its second wind following an impressive performance the other week at the Reading Festival (considerately brought to my living room by BBC3). This has got to be album of the year by some distance...

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