Monday, April 03, 2006

live stuff: the guillemots at king's college, 30/3/06

Not sure what to make of the Guillemots. 6 Music have played some of their tracks ("Trains to Brazil", "We're here") and I've liked those, but of the maybe fifteen or so songs they play tonight only four or five sound interesting and worthy of a second listen. Would have preferred more guitar (other than the howling feedback whose purpose seemed mainly to give a harder edge to some otherwise blandish songs) and less tinny synth sound. Didn't really deliver on the night for me but I'm willing to go off, listen to their stuff and reappraise... That way I'm covered in a couple of years' time when they get to be bigger than Coldplay...
Read this BBC interview with the band.

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Peter said...

I was in a bad mood that night, had a streaming cold and was surrounded by a load of students who were having a much better time than me, and knew all the words to the songs (I hate that). See my later post on how great their album is!!