Wednesday, January 04, 2006

our favourite shop

Uh-oh. New Year's Day blow-out at HMV Oxford Street!!! Picked up three excellent new(ish) CDs in the sale:

1. Go! Team - Thunder, Lightning, Strike
- This is a great album. Strange really cos I listened to it in a record shop when it came out and didn't think much of it. Glad I had a change of heart anyway. "One of the essential albums of the year" (, "Cinematic, fantastic, and essential to all who want their music larger than life and rambunctious" (allmusic), "If this album doesn't make you want to dance your socks off, then you're dead already" (er, me).

2. Richard Hawley - Coles Corner
- Classy Sheffield-based crooner, ex-Pulp guitarist and main mover/shaker behind A Girl Called Eddy--see my albums of the year. Brilliant title track.

3. Sufjan Stevens - (Come on feel the) Illinoise
- Clocking in at an epic 75 minutes or so, a bit much to get the hang of with only a couple of listens but sounds good so far. Quite tuneful, some nice harmonies.

Added to the Thea Gilmore CD (Loft music: great cover of "Ever fallen in love with someone" by the Buzzcocks) my brother got me for Christmas and a cheap copy of "Is This It?" by the Strokes to replace my feeble cassette copy, this pile of stuff should keep me busy for a few weeks.


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