Thursday, December 22, 2005

single bed

OK, top singles of 2005:

The rules: I'm not allowed to include tracks from my Top 10 albums . I also reserve the right to change this list if I remember a really good song from this year which I haven't included.

The leading pack:
1. Annie - Heartbeat (This bloke thinks so too.)
2. Amerie - 1 Thing (I also heard a bizarre version of this by Elbow on Radio 1.)
3. Richard Hawley - Coles Corner
4. Athlete - Wires
5. The Go! Team - Ladyflash

Lagging behind:
Coldplay - Speed of Sound
Franz Ferdinand - Walk Away
Kaiser Chiefs - This is the Modern World
Kanye West - Golddigger
Kate Bush - King of the Mountain
The Strokes - Juicebox
Bloc Party - Two More Years

I'm sure there's loads of stuff out there I've missed. I don't listen to much Radio 1. Also, there are lots of goodish songs I've heard from guitarry bands like Maximo Park, The Bravery, The Rakes, Interpol, Editors, etc etc but maybe not distinctive enough to stand out among the best of the year. I think the Bloc Party track is the best of this bunch.

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