Tuesday, December 06, 2005

what's another year?

Now we're into December, all self-respecting music critics (even pretend ones) need to nail their colours to the mast and compile a Top 10 Albums list for the year. So...

1. Stars of CCTV/Hard-Fi
2. Weightlifting/Trash Can Sinatras*
3. Funeral/Arcade Fire
4. Magic Numbers/Magic Numbers
5. A Girl Called Eddy/A Girl Called Eddy*
6. We Have Sound/Tom Vek
7. Demon Days/Gorillaz
8. You Are The Quarry/Morrissey*
9. Nashville/Josh Rouse
10.Mighty Rearranger/Robert Plant And The Strange Sensation

* Strictly speaking, released in 2004 but I bought them early in 2005 so I'm going to say that they qualify for my 2005 list.

More lists to follow...


Brown Eyed Girl said...

well, hello there. Love the list.

Michael Loran said...

I've only got mozza's one. Of course I picked up on the Johnny Logan reference: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/gary.hart/lyricsl/logan.html. Big fan.

Damon D said...

Good choices! Hard to Beat (Hard-Fi) is my No. 1 song of the year. Stars of CCTV is not my no. 1 album but def in the top 10!

Stevie said...

The ONLY album of 2005 for me was, of course, Alabama 3's Outlaw!
But also - Hayseed Dixie, Loretta Lynn (was that this year?), Calexico/Iron
& Wine, Jeffrey Lewis' City & Eastern Songs, Naked Ruby...
Gig/s of the year? Alabama3 every time (but especially in Prague), plus
Willie Nelson at Shepherds Bush.