Saturday, December 10, 2011


Another year over and what have we done?

Well, we've listened to a lot of music. Time well spent? Think so...

Here's a playlist of some decent tracks which have seen the light of day in 2011, courtesy of our favourite music streaming service. It's in no way authoritative, being largely dependent on hastily scribbled post-it notes after 6Music--usually Gideon Coe--has make my ears prick up with something.

And these, in rough order, are my top 20 albums of the year, chosen with slightly more consideration:
  1. Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues
  2. High Llamas – Talahomi Way
  3. Hong Kong in the 60s – My Fantoms
  4. Kate Bush – 50 Words for Snow
  5. Cornershop – Cornershop and the Double “O” Groove
  6. Leisure Society – Into The Murky Water
  7. King Creosote and Jon Hopkins – Diamond Mine
  8. Laura Marling – A Creature I Don’t Know
  9. Nick Lowe – The Old Magic
  10. Hollie Cook – Hollie Cook
  11. Low – C’Mon
  13. Elbow – Build a Rocket Boys!
  14. Silver Seas – Chateau Revenge
  15. Modular - Sinfonias Para Terricolas
  16. Cecil Sharp Project – Cecil Sharp Project
  17. Gruff Rhys – Hotel Shampoo
  18. James Blake – James Blake
  19. The Unthanks – Last
  20. Jonny – Jonny
Make of that what you will but as always I'd be interested in any comments, politely-phrased alternative suggestions/unbridled outbursts of knuckle-clenched fury...

P.S. The High Llamas record is excluded from my playlist but you can buy it (shock horror) here.


Cocktails said...

Oh dear, you are putting me to shame. Your playlist and top albums mostly comprise records that I've vaguely heard about via the Word and 6music but haven't actually listened to any further (including I'm ashamed to say Jonny, Nick Lowe and Fleet Foxes).

For what its worth, my picks of the year are Heroes are Hard to Find by Fleetwood Mac, Frosting on the Beater by The Posies, The Wild, the Innocent and E-street Shuffle and Philip Glass's Symphony No.8.... So I'm promptly off to modernise myself with your playlist.

Hoops Hooley said...

Hope you enjoy some of them. Be interested to hear how you get on.

I have to say that Jonny album was a bit of a filler at Number 20. It's not Norm's best work in my view. See what you think though.

I really like the Kate Bush although I seem to feel the need to listen to it on headphones in a darkened room. Same with the King Creosote.

There's nothing wrong with listening to old stuff though either. Lord knows there's plenty of it out there. I might give the Posies and the Philip Glass a go. And Fleetwood Mac. I'd forgotten all about them!

Cocktails said...

How can you forget about Fleetwood Mac?! They are one of my favourite bands ever, and this year I highly recommend the 'difficult' period between Peter Green and Buckingham/Nicks. Heroes are Hard to Find has quite possibly the worst album cover ever, but really is very good.

As is the new Cornershop album! That's my favourite so far on your playlist. I also really like the Kurt Wagner, St Croix and Real Estate tracks - its like the 80s never left us. I've only listened to half the Jonny stuff and yes, its ok but nothing thrilling. My 2012 would be made by a Gerry Love solo album.

Do listen to the Philip Glass symphony if you can. I'm rapidly becoming addicted to the man. This is an expensive habit though - I just spent a disgusting amount of money this morning on tickets for his opera Einstein on the Beach at the Barbican this morning. It had better be nothing less than amazing.