Thursday, September 22, 2011

song of the week 33: white label - todd

I've just come across "Stolen Voices", an interesting "bootleg remix album featuring rare or unreleased tracks and long-lost demos" from Norman Records.

It features originals by the likes of the Supremes, Harry Nilsson, Billy MacKenzie, David Bowie, Dennis Wilson, John Lennon... (If you're interested there are more details of the original sources here.)

My favourite track is this Todd Rundgren song recorded from a live performance in 1971. An interestingly angular melody which puts me in mind of another band I mention from time to time. The backing track is a bit X-Files, but I think it works quite well.

And can you spot the part where he forgets the lyric?



Cocktails said...

That song is fantastic. I really love the piano (very Lady Grinning Soul in a way), and then the electronics stuff. Fab.

Your link to the original sources doesn't work, but I'd be curious to know about the Billy MacKenzie one.

Hoops Hooley said...

Fixed that link now Cocktails. Sorry bout that. Yes, see what you mean about Lady Grinning Soul.

I've been catching up with a bit of Todd Rundgren lately. I really like his soul/ballad side but I'm afraid the Utopia prog rock stuff is usually a bit too much for me. Maybe I'm just being lazy. Any views?

Cocktails said...

I'm embarrassed to say that I don't know much about Todd Rundgren. I have a compilation of his stuff which I really like - but I suspect it focuses on the more 'user-friendly' end.

BTW, Just got the Jazz Festival programme through the post this morning and there is some great stuff on, including the Necks where I used to work. If you haven't seen them before, you should - they are absolutely fantastic.

Sorry, just got a bit overexcited there!

Hoops Hooley said...

Yes, I've been sizing up the Jazz Festival and have booked up a couple of gigs. I'll give the Necks some consideration too then!