Wednesday, July 06, 2011

song of the week 24: fleet foxes - sim sala bim

Did anyone else notice the preponderance of facial hair on display at Glastonbury this year?

There was this lot:

...who pale in hirsuteness in comparison with these boys:

...who are almost a latter-day...

No, you're right. ZZ Top didn't actually show up at Glastonbury although they're still very much a going concern and if you're interested--and are prepared to go to all that trouble--you can catch them on a mammoth US tour round about now. (You'll remember of course that Frank Beard is the comparatively clean-shaven one.)

It's Fleet Foxes though who are pretty much the pick of the beardy bunch for me at the moment. I've been giving their recent Helplessness Blues album a good few spins and it seems to me every bit as good as their 2008 debut. Here's a track from their Glasto set:

Spotter's badge if you identified Elbow and Eels hiding behind the hair at the top of the page.


Cocktails said...

Oh, I haven't got around to getting their new album yet. I have the last one - and it is very good indeed.

The lack of a Fleet Foxes purchase is probably due to my music taste going in the opposite direction of beards recently. I'm on a Pizzicato Five and Swing Out Sister kick. Could you get any less beardy I wonder?

Hoops Hooley said...

Oh now I'm going to have to delve in my old vinyl collection for some Pizzicato 5 and S.O.S. Any old excuse...

And yes, that's probably as clean-shaven a combination as there's been in recent music history.

Have to admit to being a bit confused by the gradual resurgence of the beard lately. I do wonder if we can't trace it all back to Freddie Flintoff? (A reference no doubt lost however on members of Fleet Foxes.)