Monday, February 07, 2011

songs of the week 6: dave & ansel collins - double barrel and 7: joan as policewoman - anyone

Two contrasting songs this week, each of which were highlights of gigs at the Barbican which I went to over the weekend.

I confess that I'm not a massive expert on things reggae, although the excellent Reggae Britannia evening on Saturday, with its line-up of British greats, helped to fill in some gaps in my knowledge.

For example, I've always been able to hum along with this whenever it gets played on the radio, but now I know what it is. (It's good to know that it wasn't all Glam Rock at the top of the charts in the early seventies.)

I find that Joan Wasser is one of those artists whose songs aren't that easy to assimilate on first listening. Not that that is a criticism: I'd much rather a slow-burner than a humdrum singalong chorus which begins to grate almost immediately.

Not surprisingly, her set list was made up mainly of songs from her new album, which I'll need a few more goes to get the hang of. We did get this one though, from her 2006 debut "Real Life", which I do know.

I can confirm that no pins were dropped during the performance of this song.

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