Friday, December 18, 2009

yool choons

Getting festive here and, as is popular in these parts, there's one of those new-fangled Spotify playlists to reflect the fact with a selection of recommended festive listening.

Some of these tracks are pretty obvious examples of syrupy fifties schlock, a few are slightly further off the beaten track. Many of the regulation Christmas musical cliches feature at some stage: there are chimes (track 4), a couple of "Jingle Bells" intros (tracks 9 and 22), a fair few unashamedly schmaltzy string arrangements and I can count six tracks on which sleigh bells appear. There is though, as far as I can tell, no children's choir.

Here's another Christmas song, cliche-free, and one which you can only get on YouTube, unless (shudder) you are prepared to spend some money, and we certainly don't want any of that kind of extravagance, particularly at this time of year.

Happy Christmas...

(See also: David Hepworth's Christmas playlist which also manages to steer clear of most of the usual suspects--Slade, Kirsty & The Pogues--but doesn't have a single choice in common with my own.)


Cocktails said...

Very er... Christmassy. Doesn't have that fantastic Christmas song you posted last year by Donny Hathaway though! Like the Sufjan Stevens track, hadn't heard that one before.

Hoops Hooley said...

Yeah it's a bit schmaltzy, isn't it?

I like a bit of Sufjan Stevens. I can recommend his "Illinoise" album if you haven't heard it. (Or did we decide you didn't want any more recommendations for now?!)

The Donny Hathaway song appears only on Spotify as a "karaoke version", worse luck...