Tuesday, March 31, 2009

subway sect

Few stones left unturned on the New York tourist trail at the weekend, but I didn't in the end get to go to any gigs during my visit. I did, though, hear a great soul voice at one of the 14th Street subway stations on Saturday afternoon. It turned out to be a member of a band called Acapella Soul, singing and playing a keyboard.

I know the name because I was one of the six or seven onlookers during the five or so minutes between trains who stumped up $10 for one of his (their) CDs. For me, buying an album on the strength of a single hearing is invariably a let-down (spontaneity and atmosphere of live performance lost etc etc), but I've just got home with this one and it's actually quite good.

They're obviously regulars around the Manhattan subway network--they pop up a few times on YouTube, often shamelessly breaking off mid-song (as here) to flog a few CDs...

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