Monday, February 02, 2009

let's see those hands

As I was saying, one of the songs which probably does make my Motown top ten is "That's The Way Love Is" by Marvin Gaye. I remember where I was when I first heard it, as one of the millions of TV viewers gawping their way through Live Aid. Alas, Marvin Gaye wasn't there to sing it, having met his tragic end more than a year previously.

If memory serves, Paul Young and Alison Moyet were consigned to an obscure early afternoon slot, but I remember this as one of the highlights of the day. It's much better than Young's eighties-bass-heavy arrangement of "Wherever I Lay My Hat"--another Gaye original--and Moyet in particular really shows what a great set of pipes she had (probably still has). It also backs up my rather lazy theory that although there were some good singers in the eighties, they were often working with pretty average material. In my view, this is probably the best song either of them performed.

Then again, ain't nothin' like the real thing...

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