Thursday, January 01, 2009

council debate

During the lazy period between Christmas and the January return to work, I'm often inclined to wallow in wall-to-wall BBC 6Music. Listening to Gary Crowley's show this evening I came across some live tracks from the Style Council in 1984.

Now it's generally considered by those who pontificate on such things in the music press that the eighties were something of a blight on Paul Weller's career, typified as they were in his case by foppish outfits and haircuts, pretentious record sleevenotes (courtesy of the Cappucino Kid), ill-advised party political campaigning (on the Red Wedge tour bus) and watery blue-eye soul.

Well that's their view and their entitled to it. In support of the case for the defence however, I humbly submit two examples from the beginning and end of the band's career, and modestly enquire if, in the opinion of the court, these are not two great examples of feel-good pop music?

Exhibit A: Headstart for Happiness (released 1983 though this live clip is from later)

Exhibit B: Wanted (released 1987)

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