Sunday, October 26, 2008

retail therapy

Hats off today to the people in Flashback music shop in the Essex Road who cheered me up after a depressing visit to the HMV in the Angel Shopping Centre, where music now comes in in a feeble third place behind DVDs and computer games.

Yes I know downloads are taking their toll but come on guys, show some interest. In fact why not take a leaf out of Flashback's book? Granted, it's no megastore, but they've got a good selection of CDs ranging from classical through world, jazz, hip-hop, exotica, pop/rock, as far as "stoner rock", "thrill jockey/kranky" and "doom and sludge" (answers on a postcard?). Then they've got a whole basement full of (whisper it) vinyl. And not just 12-inch techno and hip-hop, real albums from the sixties and seventies.

Yes it's mostly old stuff but I still managed to pick up Stereolab's new album for £7.99 as well as Buika's recent flamenco/fado/jazz CD (not sure about this one yet), also Field Music's "Tones Of Town" (2006) for a bargain £2.99.

Cheered me up anyway...

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