Tuesday, October 07, 2008

his real name's adrian you know

Tricky @ the Barbican, 6th October

What we learned tonight:
  • Most of Tricky's best material appeared on his first album
  • Although Tricky's name is on the tickets, it's female vocalist Veronica Coassolo who does most of the leg work
  • In fact, for a lot of the time, he stands in the dark with his back to the audience
  • He does raise a few eyebrows though with covers of "Love Cats" by the Cure and Kylie's "Slow"
  • And he does get warmed up a bit later on and definitely breaks sweat towards the end
  • This kind of music works better in venues where you can stand up
  • Support band, the Wild Beasts, are not very wild
  • Nor are they beasts
  • They're good though
  • But they've got a song that's a bit like Bohemian Rhapsody but is three times longer
  • And that falsetto voice gets a bit waring
  • And they would work better in a smaller venue too...

Why we like him:


How he went down in NYC


Cocktails said...

But did you actually enjoy the gig?!

And off subject, are you going to the Africa Now gig at the Barbican? I am getting a bit weary of sit-down venues for this kind of thing - but I've booked anyway. Can't miss Amadou & Mariam!

Hoops Hooley said...

Yes that was a bit of a long old moan wasn't it? No I did enjoy it. I think it's just what you're saying about all these sit-down gigs. There was absolutely zero atmosphere, just a bit of polite applause after each song. I really did wonder if he'd bother coming out for an encore but it did liven up a bit towards the end.

The Africa Now gig must have got through under my radar. Great line-up though. Sold out, not surprisingly. Hope you enjoy it...