Tuesday, July 15, 2008

we want more small venues (contd)

Maria Schneider Big Band @ the Barbican, 9th July

Disappointingly there are a fair few empty seats tonight but Maria Schneider--erstwhile student of Miles Davis arranger Gil Evans--is increasingly becoming recognised as a major jazz artist in her own right. Indeed, a track from her recent "Sky Blue" album bagged her a Grammy earlier this year.

Interestingly she doesn't have a record deal but instead makes all her music available via the ArtistShare website. With no predatory record company to cream off a percentage, all the money generated via her site is ploughed back into her musical activities. Under no outside pressure to act as an income generating machine, she's also able to make video footage of interviews and rehearsals available to her fanbase via her site.

You'd think a big venue like the Barbican would suit a 20-strong line-up like this but some of the sound seems to get lost. I enjoyed them more at the (smaller) Queen Elizabeth Hall a couple of years ago.

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