Saturday, April 19, 2008

save our downstairs pub venues

Lisa Knapp, Gemma Ray, The Straw Bear Band @ The Local, Crouch End, 18th April

In view of Noel Gallagher's recent comments about the "soul destroying" nature of the O2 Arena and news of the forthcoming closure of the London Astoria, this week's Observer Music Monthly blog wonders if the death knell is sounding for smaller venues. Hats off then to the Local, a downstairs room in the King's Head pub in Crouch End. They've been has been putting music on since 2002 and recent guests include Devon Sproule and Natty, both featured in the current series of "Later...with Jools Holland".

Lisa Knapp, headlining tonight, does not disappoint. Check her out on youtube at the Shrewsbury Folk Festival. Even a Radio 1 DJ is impressed with her new album.


Cocktails said...

Haven't heard of this venue but will look out for it though. As for large venues, my life has improved substantially (!) since I banned myself from going to them. Although I will be making an exception for Pentangle at RFH later in the year...

BTW, do you mind if I link to your site?!

Hoops Hooley said...

Have to admit that I'm prone to the odd RFH/Barbican gig myself. I'm probably prepared to tolerate Hammersmith Odeon/Apollo at a pinch but no bigger. The smaller the better definitely.

No problem about linking. I'm only happy that there's someone out there reading this guff.