Tuesday, March 25, 2008

knees up

Tomorrow's Face @ the Bull's Head, Barnes, 23rd March

Five reasons why the Bull's Head is the bees knees:

1. There's great jazz on every night of the week
2. It's a real pub--not a bar, not a theme pub, not Wetherspoons, not a gastro-pub--and serves beer
3. Providing a) you live in South West London and b) you check the train times beforehand, you can get there and back by public transport
4. You can hear Steely Dan play there once a month (well almost: they're actually called Stealing Dan and Don)
5. It reminds you how much you like jazz. (It's on every night of the week. Did I mention that?) Some of the big names of British jazz--Humphrey Lyttleton, Stan Tracey, Digby Fairweather--play regularly, but the bands you've never heard of before--like Tomorrow's Face (a "slimmed down, 10-piece version of the National Youth Jazz Orchestra" - Time Out)--don't disappoint either.


Crack Librarian said...

I had my first ever date at the Bulls Head with my drama teacher (the old lech) in 1980! Lovely place and it's hardly changed at all, but for the recent lamented passing of Humph. Did you ever see him play, Hoops?

Hoops Hooley said...

Sadly not. Big fan of "I'm sorry I haven't a clue" though. Can't believe he used to get away with those outrageous double entendres. On Radio 4 at Sunday lunch time as well? R.I.P.