Wednesday, January 23, 2008

the 80s: were they as crap as this?

I know it's difficult to slim down the history of UK pop to three bite-size hour-long episodes but after watching the final episode of BBC4's recent Pop Britannia I was picking up the phone to jam the switchboard. (Can you still do that or do you have to try and bring the internet to its knees with a bombardment of aggressively worded e-mails?) Anyway, a tall order as I say to fit everything from the last thirty years into this last episode, but was there really nothing more significant in the pre-Britpop years than the New Romantics, Frankie Goes To Hollywood and the blimmin' Stock Aitken & Waterman "Hit Factory" (apparently worth ten minutes of an hour-long programme? come on!)? Am I wrong to have expected at least a passing mention for Factory Records and the Smiths? I mean, how much insight are you going to get from interviews with Rick Astley and Bananarama? Am I a hideous indie snob?

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