Saturday, July 28, 2007


Aimee Mann @ IndigO2, 27th July 2007

Ten reasons why Aimee Mann is cool:

1. Her songs from "Magnolia" are great (never heard them before tonight)
2. She has collaborated with Elvis Costello
3. She plays electric bass, not just strummy folk guitar like other women singer/songwriters do
4. For a bit she sang with Squeeze
5. She takes requests from the audience, then apologises profusely when she forgets the words to two songs she wrote herself
6. She's nearly as old as I am
7. She thinks Posh & Becks are crap
8. She appeared in "The West Wing"
9. She appeared in "The Big Lebowski"
10. She is better than the Scissor Sisters

Read some fawning accounts of the gig on the A.M. message board.

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