Saturday, July 07, 2007

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Cornelius at the Royal Festival Hall, 1st July 2007

Japanese musician Keigo Oyamada, aka Cornelius, is quite difficult to categorise. Wikipedia makes a comparison with Beck which I can't see much. Time Out proclaims "his peculiarly buckled brand of electro pop, which ranges across delicate psychedelic washes to Kraut-influnced soundscapes and wibbly post techno". Whatever. He certainly wears his musical influences on his (CD) sleeves: songs on his "Fantasma" album name-check Microdisney ("The Micro disneycal world tour", The Beach Boys ("God only knows"), even Abba ("Thank you for the music"). Some of his chord progressions are definitely straight out of the Brian Wilson/Sean O'Hagan songbook. The vocal sound too (just about audible alongside the white noise) is sometimes quite reminiscent of the Beach Boys and the High Llamas. That's part of it anyway. There's also a lot of quite thrashy guitar. Highlights of tonight's performance, though, are the impressive filmed/animated back projections and Cornelius's fantastic Japanese woman drummer (five foot nothing in her stockinged feet, I reckon)...

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