Thursday, June 14, 2007

radio radio

...It's better than the "idiot lantern". *

This month's top 10 digital music radio stations:

10. Radio Ye-Ye: superbly tacky French 60s pop
9. BBC Radio London: A shadow of its former incarnation as GLR but Sean Rowley, Robert Elms and DJ Ritu still flying the musical flag
8. Live365 blackgospelradio: does what it says on the tin
7. BBC Radio 2, step forward Radcliffe & Maconie
6. XFM: good music but a limited playlist and too many ads!
5. Resonance FM: interesting mix of obscurer stuff
4. BBC Radio 3: Kershaw/Duran (see earlier waxings lyrical)
3. Radio Nova: see also 5 above
2. Chill: my latest discovery. No DJs (good), but no-one to tell you what music is being played (bad)
1. BBC 6 music: still the best of the bunch.

I know, I should get out more...

* copyright Radcliffe & Maconie (see no 7)

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