Friday, March 03, 2006

live stuff: lou rhodes at the scala, 1/3/06

Following her appearance at the Daughters of Albion gig last month, Simon and I decide to go and check out the last night of Lou Rhodes's solo tour. I'm not familiar with her Lamb material at all (again the mighty Wikipedia site comes up with the goods!) but this new stuff sounds like quite a shift in style, much more folky with only acoustic instruments (guitars, violin, double bass) and drums and percussion muffled behind a transparent screen! For most of the gig she sits accompanying herself on guitar and, according to Simon who's been playing it for the last three weeks, works through her recent "Beloved One" album in full. Some songs are very quiet and she's not afraid of complete silence in breaks between sections (the title track a case in point) but, credit to the audience, you can hear a pin drop. She finally stands for a couple of encores, what from the enthusiastic reaction of a crowd of Lamb aficionados I take to be a couple of older tracks.

Read this Observer article about her and the rest of the "new generation of folk musicians".

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